custom wood carving, engraving & turning

custom wood carving, engraving & turning by Jeff Smith's Fine Woodworks. (630)365-9488, *See more photos: click on Pages 2 & 3 listed at left. Article link: For more info- Yahoo! search: jeff smith elburn. Naturally talented at drawing, Jeff only received C's in art class because he discarded the teacher's instructions in favor of his own designs. At dial near Aurora, Illinois he began to carve soap: unicorn heads, flamingos, nudes, a 99# bar of the new antibacterial soap and many wooden dial bars - used as executive gifts (company logo) by the plant manager, before leaving dial in 1998. Co-workers encouraged him to carve wood, and after a wcc career counselor told him, "You couldn't sell soap carvings for enough or make them fast enough." So... he made them out of wood and bought multiple spindle carvers. Page 1. Other sites:

custom wood carving, engraving & turning Page 2 photos, Page 3 photos, balusters, multiple spindle carving, rosettes, CAD/CAM, antique & architectural; routed signs, engraved plaques; police, firefighter & armed forces retirement plaques; historic preservation replication, ultra high-speed & LASER engraving; wood signs, carved wooden angels, holy family, Ten Commandments & Lord's prayer plaque; future: the last supper, 1 hour west of Chicago, Elburn, Illinois 60119, please call first 630-365-9488. Custom mantel carving.

Holy Family. Pieta. Both cherry wood, private collection.


The Ten Commandments, text carved in clear pine, painted, 11" x 18". available in other sizes, wood varieties. The 23rd Psalm & other verse. call Jeff 630-365-9488,


Cherry Last Supper. 1x4x8". laser engraved. Danish oil finish. buffed bees wax.


Cedar sign for lawyer in Aurora, Illinois. Raised text and border handpainted white, routed background with ebony stain. Matched existing signs at law office.


The Lord's Prayer. Cedar, V-carved text, lacquer finish with stain, 11"x16". Catholic version available approximately 7"x8".


Mahogany, carved, hand painted retirement plaque. Can be made for Police, Firefighters, Military and other Agencies.